OMG! What a beautiful product!!!! The packaging was beautiful! Exquisite! I am proud to display and use. Thank you!

— Susan U



I just received my Nudge…it’s BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the design- a piece of art. I love the weight of it and the satisfaction of the feel of pressing the button! 

Lauren R



Beautiful object, and perfect for this exact kind of accountability, seeing real progress manifest in every tick.

— River E



I was looking for a high quality row counter for use while working on knit and crochet projects and the Nudge Counter stood out. There is a lack of high quality mechanical counters out there that I don’t have to twist. It is both aesthetically pleasing and a delight to use. I love a functional object that is beautiful and doesn’t feel like it will break during the course of actually using the object. I love how the counter is weighted and am very happy with how it functions. I hope to continue to use it for years to come!

— Sydney S



It exceeded all of my expectations. It's everything you want it to be. Fantastic build quality. Flawless finish. Clicking performs great and is very satisfying. It's HEAVY - like a paperweight. When you hold it you feel like you're holding something of substance...because you are!

If you're thinking of buying one my advice is just get it. You'll have it forever. Do you or I NEED this? No. Will it realistically be used to consistently track something? Almost certainly not. Like a mechanical watch Nudge isn't about practicality. It's more than that.

Congratulations to Nanu for working so hard and executing so well on your first project. Looking forward to what you guys come up with in 2023 and beyond.

— David Q



Looks great and is so satisfying to use!

 Kyle S



It is worth every penny. It is beautifully made and a joy to use. Thank you for being so kind to my husband and getting it to him in time for my birthday. 

— Helaine C



Just unboxed mine today & was impressed with the design of the packaging as well as the product. Very cool and I’m looking forward to future Nanu products!

— Martin C



Really lovely product. I’m thrilled.

— Greg L



Beautiful and beyond my expectations. An heirloom to be passed down to family. A prized possession for sure!

— Carol G



My wife loves hers! Thanks for focusing on quality. May your brand last long and bring joy.

— Jude



It’s exactly as I expected and perfect for why I got it! Thanks for helping me keep track of my goals with a little nudge

— Taylor



The love and care invested into the quality of your product is highly evident!

— Charlie M



I AM IN LOVE. The Nudge has surpassed all my expectations — you were SO right to demand perfection. Even the packaging. - the cardboard grid in the box and the pouch - just attention to every detail!

** Chef’s kiss with both hands while doing a backflip off a high dive**

Really so happy to see exceptional work that just reeks of love and true vision.

— Scott P



Your scrutiny of wristwatches with domed glasses seems to have paid off. The glass on Nudge is a beauty.

The packaging, the black textured face, the window to the counter, the button through glass and face, textured reset wheel.. all implemented perfectly 👌🏻

Well done Nanu!

— Onur Y



LOVE IT! Just received as a birthday gift from my best friend and fellow knitter and it is above and beyond the best gift I’ve received in a very long time.

It is beautiful. It is a little piece of art. It is impeccably designed and made. The weight! The design! The joy I receive when pushing the counter button!

Thank you thank you for such a thoughtfully designed working piece of art!

— Daphne B



Very well made product!

— Thomas C



Nudge feels great in the hand and it beautiful to look at.

— Kyle R