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About Nanu

We’re a small three person company based out of San Francisco. Over the years we noticed how the very things in our homes meant to help us often created clutter with excessive features and tech. So we took our 15 years of combined experience building products, and started our own company.



  • Our Values

    At Nanu, we make objects with presence. These are tools designed with intention and simplicity, and that enable anchored routines.

    Every action we take and every decision we make is intentional, driven by a deep desire on our part. We never do something "on a whim". We think through every detail, from the vendors we partner with to the longevity of our products. The result is products that help our consumers lead a more intentional life themselves.

  • Imagination
    We have boundless imagination. We look beyond the basics to consider what could be, rather than accepting what is. Our favorite question and mantra is “why not”? We draw inspiration from all around us and prioritize learning more about a broad spectrum of topics.

    We respect what came before. As design nerds, we know the discipline and its founding principles: longevity, aesthetics, utility, and simplicity. We honor the past designs in our own work without being beholden to them.

  • Fusion
    We take the modern and the old and we fuse them together to create something wholly unique. With respect for the fundamentals and our creative imagination, we are always forging something new and useful.

    From those we work with to our materials to our business practices, we own up to everything we do. That means sometimes we learn a better way after the fact. So we hold ourselves accountable and always let you know.

Nudge Counter with 12 clicks on a desk


Nudge successfully launched on Kickstarter in May 2022. It’s a tool to count anything in your life. You can track the wins, routines, and habits that matter to you.

Fully funded in under 8 hours and Awarded Kickstarter’s “Projects We Love”, our first product is now shipping straight to your door.


  • One of our (many) interests is vintage clocks. We first started repairing them in order to understand how these products were built-to-last. As we create new products, we want to learn from the best of what came before.

  • We now have a curated Etsy shop with regular drops of newly refurbished vintage clocks.