Why is Arc a pre-order?

Arc is currently in pre-production. This means we are still fine-tuning Arc’s design to make it the highest quality product possible. Purchasing Arc today gives you a $20 discount and guarantees an early delivery date when it's ready to ship.

Arc started off as a Kickstarter Campaign. Joining the Pre-Order also means you get the same perks as our backers with monthly product updates.


What risks are there with my pre-order?

The images of Arc are a pre-production sample. There will be small details or cosmetic differences in the final product. Any changes will be announced in our monthly updates.




How does partial payment work?

Partial payment does not get the full pre-order discount, but you only pay 60% today and 40% when the product ships.

If you need to change your credit card information for the second payment, please contact us at hello@nanuelectrics.com. We will also send you an email when your product is ready to ship in the spring of 2024 before charging your card.


I clicked partial payment but my cart is showing the full payment.

Your discount will be added at checkout. If you are still having issues, please email us at hello@nanuelectrics.com

How do I cancel my pre-order?

We get it, things change. While we hope you will still want to bring Arc home in the future, to cancel your order, simply email us at hello@nanuelectrics.com





How long does it take before my item is shipped?

The current estimated delivery of Arc is Summer (June-August) 2024. You will receive monthly updates on timing and notice when your product is ready to ship.


I moved since I pre-ordered. How do I change my shipping address?

To change your address, please email us at hello@nanuelectrics.com. We will also email when your product is ready to ship to remind customers if they need to update their address.





Do you accept returns?

Yes. Arc follows our standard return policy. See here.





I would like to order Arc, but I am outside the U.S.

If you are in Canada, you can purchase Arc here on our website! If you are in the UK, you can pre-order Arc here! If you are located somewhere else, please shoot us a note at hello@nanuelectrics.com.


What are Arc’s international shipping costs?

Canada - $10
UK - $30
*this includes a $10 shipping discount we offer international pre-orders


What VAT/Taxes can I expect for Arc?

Please note that these are only estimates as VAT changes.
Canada - $10
UK - $38




Arc has a 10-year limited warranty. Since Arc is still in pre-production, the full warranty details will be available closer to the shipping date. 



Why is there a digital time on the clock face? 

The analog clock shows the actual time, and the digital display shows the alarm time. Unlike regular analog clocks, the alarm on Arc is easy to set precisely to-the-minute. With a glance, you can see everything you need to know. No more triple-checking if that alarm is set.


Can I turn off the backlight and the display?

Yes, the brightness is adjusted by pressing the left and right side of the snooze button. For those who prefer a pitch-black bedroom, brightness can be dimmed to zero, turning the display off. If the display is off and you need to check the time, interact with any button on Arc to brighten the device momentarily.


How quiet is the analog clock movement?

Arc uses a silent sweeping analog movement that only makes noise while it is being set. 


How do I set the clock time?

A cast metal dial on the back allows you to set the time. Press the dial to enable time setting, and then turn the dial to change the time. The digital display on the front will show the new time you are setting. Press the dial again to lock in the new time. The analog hands are motorized and will automatically drive to the new time. 


Do I have to set the alarm every day?

No. When your alarm is set, it will go off every day. Changing the alarm time (or disabling it entirely) is easy with the front dial. The digital display conveniently shows the alarm status at a glance. 


How is Arc powered? What happens if my power goes out?

Arc is designed to run on wall power via USB-C and should remain plugged in. If you lose power, Arc is equipped with a 24 hour backup battery to ensure your alarm goes off in the morning. The battery automatically recharges once power is restored. 


Can I have multiple alarms set at once?

No, Arc only enables one alarm at a time.


How exactly does the gradual chime and volume control work? Does that affect my final wake up time?

Arc's gradual alarm increases in intensity over a period of 60 seconds. The first few chimes will start off slow and increase in volume over 8 seconds.  From there, the chime will get faster and increase in composition complexity. 


Does it differentiate between AM and PM?

Yes! Because Arc has a digital display, you can differentiate between AM and PM on your alarm. This is a key difference between Arc and a typical analog alarm clock. 


Does it have a radio or speaker?

Arc does not have a radio or a speaker. Instead, an acoustic chime bar gives a smooth transition into being awake. The perforations on the front of the clock allow the chime sound to carry into your bedroom.


Tell me more about the chime bar.

We thought you'd never ask. We selected an aluminum alloy chime bar tuned to B4, which hits a frequency of 494 Hz. This range is optimal for waking without inducing anxiety. 


Can I connect my smartphone?

No. One of our main goals with Arc is to replace the default smartphone alarm. This is because smartphones are pretty terrible for sleep. We made Arc so easy to use that you just might forget about your phone.


Why is there a snooze button if it's bad for sleep habits?

Hanna (our sleepy leader) battles chronic insomnia. While developing Arc, we learned the best practices for working through insomnia via her CBT-i programs (CBT-i is cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia - think physical therapy for insomnia). One of the key learnings was that it's important to celebrate progress over perfection when working to build a sleep routine. We learned that the majority of people rely on a snooze button. We also learned from user testing that people are more likely to go back to their phones as an alarm if we remove the snooze button.


Why is this better than using my phone, smart alarm, or traditional analog clock?

Phones negatively affect your sleep. Most smart alarms require a phone (and app) to use them. Traditional analog clocks have limitations like a difficult alarm setting process, a 12 hour alarm, and lack of controls. Most traditional alarm clocks also have terrible sounding alarms. We built Arc to be a meaningful improvement from all of these options.


Do the hands light up?

The hands themselves do not light up because they are solid metal. Instead, the backlight has a light pipe around the face which gently illuminates the hands so you can see what time it is.


How long does snooze last?

8 minutes 


What happens if Arc breaks?

If your Arc ever has issues, reach out to us - our first step will be to help you try to repair it! In cases where a part needs to be replaced, we will provide the replacement part and instructions. For those not able to repair themselves, you can always send Arc to us to repair or replace.


What does it mean when we say Arc is designed to last at least ten years?

Nearly all products are engineered with a minimum lifespan in mind - it's an important metric that guides design choices and benchmarks warranties. For example, a company may require that their product last at least three years. Now imagine that product has a button, and the company expects a user to press that button once a day. The engineers might spec a button that can withstand at least 1,095 presses (1 press x 365 days x 3 years) to meet the requirement. But reaching 1,095 presses does not mean the button will automatically fail. It simply means they can be very confident it won't fail before 1,095 presses. You get the idea. The same process applies to Arc, but with 10 years in mind.  


Why is Arc $225?

Quality comes at a price. Arc is made from high-end, materials that feel sturdy and look good for a long time - zinc alloy housing, metal dials, mineral glass lens, and steel hands. On a cheaper clock, all of those parts are mostly plastic. That's why we can offer a 10-year warranty, which is really uncommon for consumer electronics.